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Welcome to RIM Developer Resources

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Welcome to RIM and BlackBerry Developer Resources

Hi There! Welcome to my little corner of the net. This little collection of pages are devoted to sharing information about developing applications for BlackBerry handhelds from Research In Motion (RIM).

These pages were originally devoted and had information about the 95X / 85X handhelds which used a C++ SDK. That information is still around, mostly for historical purposes I supposed, here. It used to contain links to many products and services for BlackBerry handhelds, but the information is outdated and other sites now contain the same information. I hope to re-vitalizing these pages with content focused on developer needs in the future.

I welcome all comments about this web site, especially new information to add. If you have any comments what-so-ever, please email me.

Bill Foust

New RIM BlackBerry Developer Items

(5-5-2005) Finally an update! I hope to be working on this a lot more in the coming days. The complete old website is still available here.

I've been busy working on a new book that will be released shortly Its been an amazing experience to and I truly hope that people find it useful and helpful. You can find a sample chapter at Que's website and pre-order it from


Do you have a BlackBerry related task that needs done? I am available for consulting engagements or a full-time position. I have several years experience programming for BlackBerry handhelds

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